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David Gray at Uptown Amphitheater. What a wonderful show with such a talented performer!

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Sometimes the devil sounds a lot like worry treading a well-worn path into my soul. And it don’t sound evil, oh but my heads burning and I know. So if You can hear me I could use You right about now. If You can hear me. I could use some peace because the devils walking in my soul and all I really want to know is You can hear me.

If You Can Hear Me Ben Rector
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So cut your hair and get a new tattoo. Quit your job and go to Bonnaroo. Whatever it is you wanna do, anything that it could be. Don’t put it off too many years ‘cause some of the best have disappeared. I ain’t old enough to know, but I believe there’s somethings you gotta be young to see.

Charlie Worsham

"Waiting on the Day" John Mayer

"All I feel is cold and all I see is gold."

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Am I sick? Am I well? It’s to difficult to tell anymore.

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I'll Be Fine




Fits & Starts EP


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My roomie’s brother’s album! ROBINSON…check them out…SO GOOD!

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"The last four years of my life, I’ve thought about you pretty much every 15 seconds."

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together


Taylor Swift


We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together


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Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

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