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"All I feel is cold and all I see is gold."

I am set free. It is for freedom that I am set free.

Galatians 5:1

Just woke up in the morning and to be well quite honest with you, I didn’t sleep well. Half the population just waiting to see me fail - that’s when you press on…But I do it for the kids life threw the towel in on. Give ‘em hell. Turn their heads. Then they’ll say of me, there goes the fighter.

Gym Class Heroes The Fighter

"You are a novel in a sea of magazines.

You make me nervous.

You make my heart beat.

You are red in a sea of black and white.

You are fire and you are dynamite.”

"Won’t tell anybody that you turn the world around. I won’t tell anybody that your voice is my favorite sound. I don’t need a parachute baby if I’ve got you."

You can take my dry bones; breathe life into this skin. You called me by name and raised me to life again.

You can calm the oceans; speak peace into my soul. Take me as I am. Awaken my heart to beat again.

Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus…Alive in me.

You move in the unseen. You set the captives free. As I stand and sing you’re breaking the chains off me.

Breathe in me Your life. I can feel You are close now. I can never hide. You are here and You know me. All I need is You and I love You. 

Breathe in me Your life ’til Your love overtakes me. Open up my eyes. Let me see You more clearly. Falling on my knees ’til I love like You love like You love me. I love You. 

Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus…Alive in me.

"I walked alone I never tried to stay in line. I didn’t know what I was doing half the time. I didn’t know that my life could ever change. I said I wanna try it all without regret. I wanna meet the kind of folks I never met. I fell in love with being defiant…and when you’re with us you don’t have to be quiet no more.”

The strength to move beyond is found in letting go.

Ben Rector

You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go


Miley Cyrus


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This song is actually pretty good! I love the sound!

City and Colour is rocking my study session right now. So. Good.

City and Colour is rocking my study session right now. So. Good.